Auto-Attendant Directory

Allows the caller to dial a user in the directory using text to speech. When the caller reaches this point, they will hear, “Dial by last name” or “Dial by first name.” The caller will dial 3 or more characters of the user’s name and press #. If there is more than one matching user, the caller will select a user from a list of options.

Dial by…

Choose if callers can dial the user by their last name or first name.


Custom Audio

Optionally, upload custom audio prompts to provide callers with customized guidance. WAV files must be less than 5 MB. If a custom file is not used, the caller will hear the default prompts.


Failure Routing

A failure route is required in case the caller is unable reach the user they were looking for.



Timeout (seconds)

Enter the number of seconds the call can be in the directory. (1-999)

Max Invalid Selections

Enter the number of invalid selections the caller can try before the call is redirected to the failure route. (1-10)