Create a BCC User

Add a BCC User

  1. First, create a new account with Business Cloud Communications.
  2. Next, go to Account Settings and set the Account Group Name. This is required before any users can be created on the account.
  3. Finally, go to Account > Business Cloud > Users and click [+ Add User] in the top right.

User Information


NameEnter the first and last name.
Extension Number
Assign the user a unique extension number.

Choose the language that will be used in the telephone user interface (TUI) audio prompts for star codes and the Auto-Attendant: English or French.

This is separate from the Language setting on the user's Voicemail box.

Time Zone
Select the user's time zone.

Feature Plan & Voice Portal

Not every user needs access to the Voice Portal, and we only need an email address for those who do. The Voice Portal Access toggle allows you to enable or disable online access for each user. By default, the toggle is disabled for users on the Standard plan, but it's enabled for users on the Advanced or Professional plans because they also need access to the Cymbus apps. 

  • Disabled: The user will not have access to the Voice Portal, and the Email field is optional.
  • Enabled: The user will have access to the Voice Portal, and the EmailUsername, and End-User Role fields will be required.

See Voice Portal Access Toggle for details.


Feature Plan

Select the user's feature plan:

  • Standard: All basic voice features.
  • Advanced: All Standard features + the Cymbus softphone app and Team Messaging.
  • Professional: All standard and advanced features + Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.
Voice Portal Access

This toggle allows you to enable or disable access to the Voice Portal for this user. It's automatically enabled for Advanced and Professional users, and disabled by default for Standard users. Flip it ON for those who need it and leave it OFF for those who don't.

Because Advanced and Professional plans come with a user account for the Cymbus apps, Voice Portal access is enabled by default and the user's email address is required. Once the user is created, the user will receive an email with their Voice Portal and Cymbus app login information.

See also: Voice Portal Access Toggle


Enter the user's email address. This is where their login information will be sent.

A valid and unique email address is required if the Voice Portal Access toggle is enabled, but it's optional if the toggle is disabled.

Block Welcome Email

Once the user is created, an email will be sent to the user with their login information. If you don't want to send this email right now, check the option to block the welcome email.

See also: Block the Welcome Email


Give them a username for the Voice Portal (NOT an email address). Their Cymbus app username will be username@accountgroupname (as set in Account Settings).

End-User Role

Choose the level of access this user will have in the Voice Portal.

  • Limited: Access to manage their own account features.
  • Admin: Access to manage features for all account users.

Calling Plans

Choose the user's calling plan from the drop-down menu. See Manage a User's Calling Plans for more information.BCC_New_User_Calling_Plans.png

Calling Plan
Expand the drop-down menu and select a calling plan to assign to this user.
Number and Device
Expand this field if you want to add a phone number and device to this user's plan. This is separate from the Cymbus softphone device which is created automatically but not listed in the user's devices list.


When you're done with all three sections, click [Create]. If Voice Portal access has been enabled and the Welcome email has not been blocked, an email will be sent to the user with their account details, including their username and URL for the Voice Portal and a link to create a password.

Next, select the user to manage their settings. Start with the Calls tab, then move on to DevicesSettings, and Voicemail.