Auto-Attendant Group Name in Caller ID

Use Group Name in Caller ID

This feature prepends the Group name to the caller ID, so the user who receives the call can identify where it originated. This is especially helpful for users who are part of multiple auto-attendant groups.

For example, if a caller listens to the auto-attendant menu and presses 2 for Sales, when the call is delivered to a user, the caller ID will show the group name before the caller's name and phone number: From:Sales JANE SMITH 18015551234.

If a call is routed through multiple groups, only the most recent group name will be displayed. There are no character limitations for the Group name, but a shorter name will allow more to be shown on the device screen.


  1. Log in to the account and go to Auto-Attendant.
  2. Create a new auto-attendant or edit an existing one.
  3. Add or edit a Group route in the auto-attendant path.
  4. Enable Use Group Name in Caller ID.
  5. Make any other changes to the route as needed, then scroll down and press [Save].

Call History

The group name will also be shown in the Call History record under Technical Details > origCnam field.